While You're Still Waiting For Rs 15 Lakh, Everyone In This Arunachal Village Has Got Rs 1 Crore


Residents in Bomja village in Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh have all become crorepati overnight, thanks to the land compensation they received from the Central government.

The 200.056 acres of land belonging to 31 households in the village was acquired by the Indian Army about five years ago to set up “key location plan units” of its Tawang Garrison.

Prema Kandu/ Twitter

The compensation, a total amount of Rs 40.80 crore, released by the defence ministry was distributed by Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu.

“More such compensation for land acquired for defence purposes is being worked out with the Centre,” Khandu said.

In This Arunachal Village Everyone Have Become Crorepatis Overnight

Prema Kandu/ Twitter

The highest compensation of Rs 6.73 crore was paid to one family. Another family got 2.45 crore. The remaining 29 beneficiaries was richer by over Rs 1.09 crore.

With their new found fortune, a local Facebook page called Tawang Times claimed it is the richest village in India. 

However according to other reports two villages in Gujarat – Baladia and Madhapar are believed to be the richest in the country. The wealth of the two villages is from the money deposited in their banks by the NRIs from the villages.

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