Twinkle Khanna Blows The Lid Off Pad Man And Why She Won't Return To Acting Ever!


Akshay Kumar’s film Pad Man is all set for its release and the film has managed to create a strong buzz with its marketing and PR strategies. Producer Twinkle Khanna is more than excited for the film and she has time and again explained why she has chosen a topic as sensitive and important as Pad Man. 

Twinkle Khanna was recently asked that her banner could have started off with a mainstream commercial project that was a bonafide success. However, she chose to differ. She said,


Thank you for tagging me #ArunachalamMuruganantham Yes, that’s a Pad in my hand & there’s nothing to be ashamed about. It’s natural! Period. #PadManChallenge Copy, Paste this & Challenge your friends to take a photo with a Pad!

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“Again you are talking about something that has not even occurred to me. If it was about money I would have had 5 cars blowing up and 3 item songs. It has not been that. Yes we do have to make a profit and I have said that again because if we do not make a profit how many people can afford to keep making movies based on great content for free. It is not possible. So we do need to make profit so we set an example for other people as well. To tell them that this is a viable enterprise, to be able to talk about things that matter, and to do it skillfully and in an entertaining manner and make a reasonable amount of profit. And that was it.”

However, she’s not sure if she will return to movies again. Talking about the same, she said,


Presenting the much awaited #PadManTrailer, this one’s for the mad ones, the ones who are crazy enough to change the world. Link in bio @PadManTheFilm @sonamkapoor @radhikaofficial @sonypicturesin @kriarj #RBalki #26Jan2018

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“Again, I do not know whether I will make a movie again. If I find a compelling story, I will. If I don’t, I am very happy writing. I do not have any desire to be in Bollywood – not in front of the camera and not even behind it.”

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