Teaser Of Anushka Sharma's 'Pari' Will Scare The Hell Outta You And Send Chills Down Your Spine


If horror genre in films have been your thing, looks like something exciting is coming your way. Anushka Sharma’s upcoming Pari looks like the perfect horror flick that we all have been collectively wishing for.


Sooner or later, fate shows up at your doorstep…..
Until then keep your eyes wide open and watch out for #PariTeaserTomorrow@paramspeak @OfficialCSFilms @kriarj @poojafilms pic.twitter.com/6fG8ZrR9Ry

— Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) February 6, 2018


The posters and the earlier teasers of the film have hinted at the fact that it’s an out and out horror film and with the teaser that is just out, looks like it will just keep getting scarier!

Clean Slate Films

This is the third film that is being produced by Anushka Sharma’s production house Clean Slate films and the level of experimentation is just getting higher! Be it walking and dragging in chains to a face that’s covered with blood, the latest teaser just gave us chills down our spine!

Pari Teaser

Clean Slate Films




The storyline looks inclined towards the issue of child-abuse considering how we see milk-bottle, rocking chair and baby’s noise in the background. 

Hit play and enter the world of Pari right now. And mind you, it’s NOT a fairy-tale.

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