Sundar Pichai Wants To Create The Ideal Burger Emoji, If Twitter Can Agree Which One Is Best


We love burgers! The hot sesame kissed buns filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sauces along with the juicy patty and the heavenly cheese. The beautiful carnival of flavours that spread out in the very first bite, it’s the best feeling in the world!

I think we need to have a discussion about how Google’s burger emoji is placing the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple puts it on top

— Thomas Baekdal (@baekdal) October 28, 2017

And just like us, Twitter user Thomas Baekdal takes his burger quite seriously, too.

In fact, he saw a rather annoying discrepancy in the Burger Emoji on Android and iOS. He tweeted about his displeasure on how Android’s burger emoji puts the cheese underneath the burger, while Apple’s emoji puts it on top. Not surprisingly it sparked off a long Twitter discussion, with everyone chiming in their thoughts on the correct order of layers in a burger.

basically this

— Saikyo Ninja KeiyosX (@KeiyosX) October 29, 2017

They’re both wrong. Google’s cheese is wrong, Apple’s lettuce is wrong. The correct order, from bottom up, is burger – cheese – toppings

— Mark Goodge 🇬🇧 (@MarkGoodge) October 28, 2017

Apple remains true to their roots of inspired thoughtful design: lettuce protects bun from becoming soggy with meat juice. Try it. 🍔

— Sloane Barbour (@nycsloane) October 28, 2017

Microsoft puts it in the right order, but still manages to be terrible

— Sean Camden (@ionthrust) October 29, 2017

However, things went on to the next level when CEO of Google Sundar Pichai threw in his hat into the mess, promising to find a solution to the confusing burger emoji conundrum.

Will drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday:) if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!

— Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) October 29, 2017

Mr Pichai offered to ‘drop everything’ and solve this confusion if the Twitterati found the ‘correct way to do this.’ The response to this tweet was rather overwhelming. It got over 7000 hearts and over 3000 retweets, at the time of writing this.

That’s why you need a Vada Pav emoji.

— Nitish Saxena (@nitishsaxena_) October 29, 2017

Amidst the burger confusion, people from India were keen to ask Mr Pichai to include a ‘Vada Pad’ emoji. I’m craving for a burger right now!

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