Students Wearing Degree Robes Sell 'Modi Pakora' Near PM's Speech Venue In Bengaluru, Detained


Bengaluru police have detained ten students for selling pakoras near Bengaluru’s Mekhri Circle, a few metres away from the Palace Grounds, where Mr Modi was to address the BJP’s Parivartana rally on Sunday.

The students sold ‘Modi pakoras’, ‘Amit Shah pakoras’ and ‘Yeddy pakoras’ for Rs 10 plus GST, ahead of the PM’s address.


However, the police took them into custody before the Prime Minister’s arrival.

“Selling pakoras or tea isn’t bad, but you don’t need degrees for that. The Prime Minister should speak with responsibility,” a protester said. 

Students Wearing Degree Robe Sell Modi Pakoda


The students took up the creative protest in response to the PM’s recent comment on job creation. 

Speaking to a news channel PM Modi had said that someone earning Rs. 200 by opening a “pakora” shop by the street cannot be called unemployed.

Students Wearing Degree Robe Sell Modi Pakoda


Recently, a group of youth from Karnataka for Employment (KFE) had set up pakora stalls in front of the state BJP office.

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