Scientists Warn Of A ‘Post-Antibiotic’ Apocalypse That Could Signal The End Of Modern Medicine By 2050!


Antibiotic resistance is on a rampant rise during the last few years. Around 2 million people in the U.S are infected by bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics; leading to $20 billion dollars in healthcare costs and $35 billion dollars a year loss in productivity

We’re already losing 70,0000 people every year due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which could spell a sizeable incremental disaster in the coming 30 years!

Now, England’s chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, claims that we might lose up to 10 million lives a year by 2050 due to antibiotic resistance if we don’t act now!

She suggests that the world is in danger of suffering from a ‘post-antibiotic apocalypse’, which could potentially signal the end of ‘modern medicine’ if we don’t tackle the problem of drug-resistant strains of bacteria.

Drugs are often given to patients with colds and viruses, even though antibiotics do not help cure viruses. 

“It does not really have a ‘face’ because most people who die of drug-resistant infections, their families just think they died of an uncontrolled infection. It will only get worse unless we take strong action everywhere across the globe. We need some real work on the ground to make a difference or we risk the end of modern medicine.”

She states that patients often think that doctors are being mean when they refuse a patient antibiotics when in actuality they are trying to prevent a new strain of drug-resistant bacteria from evolving globally.

“This AMR is with us now, killing people. This is a serious issue that is with us now, causing deaths. If it was anything else, people would be up in arms about it. But because it is hidden they just let it pass,” stated Davies.

Davies will launch a campaign later this month to try and prevent patients from asking their doctor for antibiotics. 


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