Paris Welcomed Its Biggest Snowfall Yet And The Photos Will Give You Happy Chills!


Everybody loves Paris. Those who have visited and those who haven’t. And it’s not just the Eiffel Tower that fills them with love, it’s the city’s very spirit. 

And that spirit just turned into a beautiful landscape of white when the City of Light received its biggest snowfall yet. 


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The snow has been falling for some days now and with each passing day, Paris is becoming more beautiful. Who would have thought, right? From Montmartre and Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, everything was covered in a pristine layer of white. 



It was the largest snow accumulation in the French capital since 1987, as reported by Mateo France. Much of northern, central, and eastern France were on alert for snow and ice on Monday as a cold wave spread across the country. And the country isn’t done receiving snow. 



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People and organisations alike have been quick to share pictures on social media. 


Look at that beautiful white coat covering the city! 😍 We love #Paris in the snow. ❄️ Thanks for sharing your snowy pictures 👍 #neige

— Paris Je t’aime (@ParisJeTaime) February 5, 2018

La neige est arrivée à Paris, et, doucement recouvre la ville. Magnifique ! ❄️

— Benjamin Buffault (@BBuffault) February 5, 2018

La #neige crisse sous les pas au jardin du Luxembourg #Paris

— Laure Narlian (@Nijikid) February 5, 2018

❄️❄️⛄️⛄️ D’un seul coup, il #neige beaucoup sur #Paris #snow ❄️❄️⛄️⛄️

— Stéphane GRAND (@Stephane_Grand) February 5, 2018


La neige est arrivée sur Paris ❄️

— Québec en France (@Quebec_FR) February 5, 2018

After the rain and the floods, here come the cold and the snow… #Paris #Neige #HappyKids

— Fred (@FredBC77) February 5, 2018

Breathtaking scenes, aren’t they? We are itching to go to Paris to breathe in its mesmerising beauty. Really, who knew that the city could look even prettier in white? 

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