NASA's Got A Puzzle For You – Can You Spot A Spacewalker's Legs In This Pic?


There’s no room for being bored on the Internet, thanks to the dozen riddles and puzzle that it throws at us and it seems like NASA has joined the viral puzzle bandwagon. 

Well, gear up because this one’s annoyingly mind-boggling. 

The contest comes from none other than NASA astronaut Mark T. Vande Hei and INSANE is the word. 


Can you find the space-walker’s legs in this photo?  Russian spacewalk continues! @Space_Station.

— Mark T. Vande Hei (@Astro_Sabot) 2 February 2018


The astronaut posted a picture from a recent Russian spacewalk and posed a challenge to netizens. All you need to do is find the spacewalker’s legs in the image shared. 

Just give it a shot! Any luck? 



— Elisa McGann (@ElisaMcgann) 3 February 2018


Don’t go crazy because some people were kind enough to spot it. And it quite obviously netizens couldn’t stop obsessing over it: 

— Ninterd (@Ninterd) 3 February 2018



No, I can’ t tell. Let me know , will you?
I like this photo anyway.

— 風 来坊(B. Wind) (@aukaramex) 3 February 2018



Found! 😄

— Cristina Bandini (@cricris76) 3 February 2018


I looked and looked and I couldn’t find their legs. Lol.

— Gypsy Sunshine (@GoddessGypsy) 2 February 2018



— fozzybear77 (@fozzybear77) 2 February 2018

So, were you able to spot it in the first go?

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