In A Tragic Incident, A Bull Died Of Cardiac Arrest During Jallikattu In Tamil Nadu


Jallikattu is not just dangerous for the people who take part, but also the animals who are subjected to stress. In a tragic incident, a bull died during the course of a jallikattu organised in Tamil Nadu’s Srirangam.

According to reports the bull collapsed on Sunday during the race as it was being tamed by a competitor.

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There are also reports that the noose around its neck tightened accidentally at the collection point, causing the death.

Doctors have confirmed that the animal, which was weakened due to taking part in different jallikattu, died of cardiac arrest.

Bull Dies Of Cardiac Arrest During Jallikattu In Tamil Nadu

BCCL/ Representational Image

The bull’s death validates the fears of animal rights activists activists that the race bulls are not taken adequate care and are often subjected to mistreatment.

Amid the concerns, the Tamil Nadu government had last month issued guidelines for the bulls and the conduct of the jallikattu.

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