Desi Is The New Craze! A Chinese Chef Is Selling Bhaturas As ‘Scallion Bubble Pancakes’


Remember the £70 Zara Lungi? They took desi idea to earn so much but probably that was not enough. This time it is a Chinese chef Peter Chang who has turned desi food item into a  videshi fancy delicacy. 

We are talking about our ever favourite hot bhaturas. This man is calling this desi dish to be ‘scallion bubble pancakes’.

Like really?

At his restaurant Q, in Maryland, USA, this chef is claiming it to be a perfect dim sum starter. Not only this, a popular food website has put its video. They are totally wrong and we know it because it is not dim sum but bhatura or poori and it is damn yummm! Even if it adds a little inches to our waist.


People who know what the dish actually is have taken it to social media to share their reactions and to tell the chef to correct the mistake. 


crazy bhatura chinese


First the lungi, then the bhatura; guess people just love desi stuff. 

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