Breaking Silence On Twitter Bot Row, Rahul Gandhi Credits His Twitter Popularity To Pet 'Pidi'


Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday clapped back at critics who have been questioning the sudden surge in his Twitter popularity with one hilarious tweet, putting to rest the mystery regarding “who” manages his social media accounts.

“People (have) been asking who tweets for this guy… I’m coming’s me.Pidi..I’m way cooler than him. Look what I can do with a tweet..oops..treat!” Rahul tweeted along with a video of an adorable puppy performing a trick.

Ppl been asking who tweets for this guy..I’m coming’s me..Pidi..I’m way 😎 than him. Look what I can do with a tweet..oops..treat!

— Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) October 29, 2017

In the video, Rahul can be heard encouraging the pooch named Pidi to do ‘Namaste’, at which it stands up on it haunches. Placing a doggie treat on Pidi’s muzzle, he instructs it to stay. Then, at the snap of his fingers, the treat disappears right into the pup’s mouth with a skilfull twitch of its head and Rahul exclaims, “Good boy!”

With this single satiric tweet, Rahul gave it back to the detractors who claim that his recent witticisms and filmy quips on Twitter are unoriginal and stage-managed by a dedicated team of social media experts. Certain media reports had also claimed that the uptick in the number of followers and retweets of Rahul’s Twitter handle is artificially generated by bots.

Political rivals have often criticised and ridiculed the Gandhi scion for what they say is his failure to communicate well with the electorate. But over the last few weeks, Rahul has made his mark on social media, gaining traction with the Twitterati with posts that mocked the GST as “Gabbar Singh Tax”, or turning weatherman to predict “jumlon ki baarish (rain of rhetoric) ahead of PM Modi’s visit to poll-bound Gujarat.

Soon, Twitterati started commenting on Gandhi’s tweet. Here’s what they said:

Trick or treat… Oops tweet!!?? देखने वाले के नज़रिये पर निर्भर करता है 🙂

— Chitra Sarwara (@ChitraSarwara) October 29, 2017

The BJP has a pooch called Doorknob, doesn’t behave, barks all the time and has a channel to himself. Beat that! 😂

— Hari_OM (@hari_omharry) October 29, 2017

Pidi 😘 Treat

How Clever he’s! Even he can Hold Economy Better than Now Doings!

— Saurabh Rai 🇮🇳 (@SaurabhRai_INC) October 29, 2017

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