370 Crore People Will Be Online In The World By End Of 2017, 46.5 Crore Of Them From India


Thanks to a recent surge in smartphone adoption rates both in India and Vietnam, and with those number expected to grow by 20 percent, we’re on track to see 3.47 billion people using the Internet this year.

A study, conducted by market research firm eMarketer found that 48.6 percent of the global population will soon be Internet users, and 2.73 billion will be using a smartphone as their primary device to get online.

Just in India, that number of Internet users is expected to climb to between 450 million to 465 million, according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and market research firm IMRB International. According to the report, India has an overall Internet penetration of around 31 percent. 

Meanwhile, other developing markets across the world will see the fastest growth of Internet users between 2017 and 2021, as mobile broadband coverage improves worldwide. The report says that by 2019, more than half the globe will access the Internet regularly, and, in 2021 more than four billion people will be online.

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